Patricia Govezensky is a world-famous artist from Tel Aviv, raised in the picturesque Old City of Jaffa. She studied art at the Avni Institute and the Ramat Hasharon Art Academy, where she graduated with honors. Her work is regularly sold at prestigious art auctions and exhibition spaces. Her paintings span a versatile variety of media including watercolors, pastels, acrylics and oil, among others. She works alongside luxury cruise companies including Princess Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines. These are fun, engaging events combining all the elements of a traditional studio practice, gallery exhibition and art auction alongside the excitement and glamor of being at sea. Such events are well attended and are often the highlight of passengers aboard these cruises, many of whom have specifically chosen their travel plans due to their passion for art. Given the tranquility and luxuriousness of Govezensky’s work, being so evocative of exotic locales and relaxed informal afternoons, these tranquil yet vibrant paintings seem perfectly suited to such environment.

She also participates in the influential artexpo New York. This annual art fair is one of the highlights of the art industry calendar, and it is an event where hundreds of globally recognized and highly esteemed artists gather to display their work to more than 25,000 industry professionals, setting gallery trends and art investment priorities around the world for the coming year.

Govezensky’s style is glamorous and romantic, as well as relaxed, spontaneous, energetic and fun. Her striking watercolors are deeply evocative, bringing to mind a world of sun, splendor, and beauty. Her work is inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, and the influence is clear in the beautifully stylish and fashionable portrayal of her subjects. The vividness of the color is also deeply reminiscent of Matisse, another key influence on Govezensky’s work, particularly in the brightness of the clothing that make her images so compelling. But regardless of her influences, it is the story of her own work – her international renown, her connections to such esteemed symbols of luxury as Princess Cruise Lines – that really bring her work to life.

Patricia Govezensky is a highly sought after artist with considerable international acclaim. As such, her original pieces are much sought after. Few of her original watercolors are currently available at the Yosi Gol Art Gallery. These exceptionally rare pieces are “Blue Ocean”, "French Cafe", "Le Petit Corps Caffe" and “Light Blue Dress.” They combine historical glamor with the familiarity of contemporary café culture. But there is a twist! In addition to the opportunity to purchase hand-signed and verified original watercolors by such a desirable and dynamic artist, these paintings come with a unique special feature that enhances their desirability as both visually appealing artworks and investment opportunities. The paintings come complete with a unique, hand-painted frame. This spectacular addition extends the artwork out into the room, making each piece an impressive topic of conversation. They would make a stunning addition to any wall.

Check out the featured paintings now:

“Blue Ocean,” by Patricia Govezensky: 

“French Cafe” by Patricia Govezensky:

 “Le Petit Corps Caffe” by Patricia Govezensky:

“Light Blue Dress” by Patricia Govezensky:



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