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The first advantage of selling or consigning your art to Gol Art Gallery and Publishing is you will not incur any out-of-pocket service charges related to marketing, selling fees, insurance, and shipping. In addition, the entire selling process is very easy and straightforward. The only way we do business is with a complete transparency with our consignee to ensure both parties are 100% satisfied. In case of high-value work, we usually take the necessary steps to keep the work private in order to avoid overexposure in the market and offer it to the right people.

Gol Art Gallery and Publishing have been in the art and wholesale business for over 35 years and with a combined experience of over 150 years. We built during these years a close network consisting of top galleries, auctioneers, and art brokers all over the United States and Europe. When you submit your art to us, we will connect you to our network of buyers to ensure you get the maximum value of your work.

* Please note: we purchase investment-quality original paintings or limited editions by artists of world renown (Sometimes we require some kind of documentation such as reference, certification, or provenance). We do not purchase reproductions that are not investment-quality.

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