Nastya Rovenskaya was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1976. A master of pop and street art, Nastya is one of the most innovative and exciting artists on the international stage.

Rovenskaya started as an artist at an early age. During her studies, she developed her passion for history and one subject caught her attention the most; the Post-Soviet Graffiti movement. In the late-Soviet period, the subculture youth of Russia used graffiti as a rebellious medium to express their ideology. Graffiti artists attempted to infiltrate the government-controlled public with expressions of love, peace signs, and quotes using chalk, oil paint, and spray paint. These graffiti were bonded to the city of Saint Petersburg and became one of the world's most famous symbols of rebellion.

Dropping from high-school because of a financial burden allowed her to devote her time to write songs and poems. She worked as a freelancer for local musicians and was influenced by different cultures with her words of love and freedom. A rebellious in nature, Nastya decided to combine her passions for street art and music. She constructed a unique technique of pop art using free brush strokes with acrylic and oil paints, defining her worldwide. 

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Nastya Rovenskaya- Charlie And Marilyn | Original acrylic on canvas | Buy fine art
Nastya Rovenskaya- Charlie And Marilyn
Nastya Rovenskaya- Mickey And Minnie | Original acrylic on canvas Pop Art | Buy fine art
Nastya Rovenskaya- Mickey And Minnie