Patricia Govezensky was born in Tel Aviv in 1961 and was raised in Jaffa, a picturesque quarter known for being the site of the oldest port in the world.

Patricia was educated and raised in Israel where she studied art. At a young age, she enrolled in courses sponsored by the Tel Aviv Museum where she mastered such arts as lithography, engraving, photography and sculpture. She graduated with distinction in her art studies at the Avni Institute and the Art Academy at Ramat Hasharon. These two institutes are of the most highly regarded and well-known art academies in Israel. Patricia, a sensitive artist, brings to her canvas the immortal effeminate woman. Combining her tender touch and simplicity with magic moments of beauty in delicate domain. She invites us to share the public intimacy of an informal French Cafe and the euphoric mystery of a woman’s room. The images, which she presents, are anonymous and therefore transcend all specific consideration of time or place, which places her work in the universal setting and justifies her worldwide success.

Patricia Govezensky once said: "For me painting is a means through which I find expression of life’s joy and fulfillment, and I believe art, more than merely being a means of expression itself, also serves as a medium to help us to make peace with our lives through positive and enthusiastic sentiments and regard for the brighter aspects of our existence, escaping form protest, cynicism and selfishness.”

Selected Exhibitions:

  • Dec. 1988- Yosi Gol Art Gallery, Jaffa Israel
  • Aug. 1990- Omant, Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Oct. 1990- Art Expo. Los Angels, California, USA
  • Dec. 1990- Burnoff Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Group Exhibition)
  • June 1991- Regency Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Group Exhibition)
  • June 1991- Burnoff Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (One Artist Show)
  • Oct. 1991- Art Expo, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Jan. 1992- Tias 92 – International Show, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sept. 1992- Moriah Plaza, Eilat, Israel
  • June. 1993- King Solomon’s Palace, Eilat, Israel
  • June 1994- Art Spectrum Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
  • May 1995- International Art Show, Hong Kong.
  • May 1999- Genesis Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Florida.
  • 1991 – 2017- Art Expo, New York, USA
  • Jan. 2018- Art Expo, Las Vegas, USA.


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Patricia Govezensky in her studio
Patricia Govezensky in her studio
Patricia Govezensky with her exclusive publisher Yosi Gol
Patricia with her exclusive publisher Yosi Gol

Carnival Cruise Line fine art exhibition | Patricia Govezensky

Princess Cruise Line fine art exhibition

Patricia Govezensky participating at Carnival Cruise Line

Patricia participating at Carnival Cruise Line