Born in Berlin, Germany in 1937, Peter Max was raised in Shanghai, China, where he spent the first ten years of his life.

He lived in a pagoda-style house situated near a Buddhist monastery, a Sikh temple, and a Viennese cafe. With all that richness and diversity of culture, he still had a dream of an adventure yet to come in a far-off land called America. From American comic books, radio broadcasts, and cinema shows, young Peter formed an impression of the land of Captain Marvel, Flash Gordon, swing jazz, swashbucklers, freedom, and creativity. In 1953, Peter's family emigrated to America after a six-month visit to Paris. During this relatively short stay, Peter enrolled in an art school and began to absorb the culture and artistic heritage of Paris. At the age of sixteen, he realized his childhood fantasy and arrived in America.

After completing high school, Max continued his art studies at The Art Student's League, a renowned traditional academy across from Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. Here, he learned the rigid disciplines of realism and developed into a Realist painter. As a portraitist for four former U.S. Presidents (Carter, Ford, Bush, Sr., and Reagan), Max was approached by the inaugural committee in 1993 to create posters for Bill Clinton's inauguration. He was later invited to the White House to paint the signing of the Peace Accord.

Aside from his years as a Realist painter, Max true station as an artist is that of a Pop Art visionary. His boldly-colored and vibrant paintings in his "Cosmic '60s" style are recognizable around the world. A combination of Expressionism and Pop Art, his work is often dedicated to the country he has loved since his youth, and the Statue of Liberty and the American flag often feature prominently in his paintings. Max also cares passionately about the environment and human rights and has designed and dedicated paintings and posters to increase international awareness of these causes.

Whether viewing Peter Max's realist portraits, Expressionist paintings, or Pop Art creations, one is left without a doubt that he is an artistic luminary of the twentieth century.


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Peter Max- Sage And Profile Ver. I #182
Peter Max- Sage And Profile Ver. I #182
Peter Max- Flower Jumper Over Sunrise 2010 Ver. I #33 | Original Mixed Media
Peter Max- Flower Jumper Over Sunrise 2010 Ver. I #33
Peter Max- Blushing Beauty Ver. I #29 | Original Mixed Media
Peter Max- Blushing Beauty Ver. I #29